A Simple Guide to Using and Understanding Phytonutrients to Protect and Enhance Your Health
Laurie Deutsch Mozian MS, RD

Book Description:
Vital information on phytochemicals--substances that help protect against a wide range of chronic conditions.
Essentially, phytochemicals are the substances found in plants that provide them with their colorful attributes.
More important, research shows they play an essential role in the prevention of cancer, heart disease and
other conditions that threaten our health.

Foods That Fight Disease provides a detailed examination of the best sources for beneficial phytochemicals
as well as explicit descriptions of how they function to fight disease. Arranged by both medical condition and
health-promoting foods, it offers readers easy accessibility to important information. Included within the text
are recipes for dishes rich in necessary phytochemicals that will contribute to a healthy, enjoyable diet.

Introduces and explains the role of phytonutrients in achieving and maintaining good health. Describes more
than 75 substances, provides lists of the most nutrient-rich foods, and shows how to incorporate them
into a diet. Details disorders that may be prevented and combated with a phytonutrient-rich diet.

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